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Purcell Collegiate press conference

Thank you to Paula Gordon and Bill Russel of ‘Berley Times for attending PIE's media briefing on Friday, October 12 at Trickle Creek Lodge. Click this link to the PIE Facebook page for a video they created of our presentation. It provides a great introductory snapshot of the Purcell Collegiate project and the team behind it. 

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Bits and Pieces of PIE

Purcell International Education (PIE) Limited was founded by Duncan MacLeod, Arthur Luk, and Wendy NG in December 2017 as a diversified provider of international education products and services. 

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PIE's summer summary

It was a busy summer for Purcell International Education!  Major highlights included: 1) PIE's Director of Student Services, Tom Ristimaki, relocating to Vancouver, BC, to launch our pioneering program, Study Abroad Plus; 2) PIE's client, Wolf Creek Public Schools, successfully launching its Wolf Creek International Learning Program by running not one but two summer programs for Chinese students under its MOU with Liwan Education Bureau in Guangzhou, China; and 3) PIE partnering with School District No. 48 (Sea to Sky) to run a summer program for students from Foshan, China under its MOU with Changcheng Education Bureau.  

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